Clients and Partners


Commonweal considers good relationships a critically important and sustainable energy source: they literally power our work. This may sound like a cliché, but it's really true. Our small staff is able to accomplish great things because of the creative collaboration and skill sharing among our clients and partners.

Commonweal offers its array of transaction facilitation, programming, financing, and consultation services to landowners, community advocates, nonprofit organizations, public agencies, elected officials, and private development companies. To bring the best strategies to the table, we work closely with an incredibly talented roster of consultants-folks from around the country whose experience reaches around the world. One of the things we're good at is bringing this world-class expertise to bear on very local situations.

Working together, we create innovative community-building solutions to support a variety of affordable and market-rate housing, economic development, and public transit-oriented institutions. Our park-making, open space protection, and land restoration work supports the recreational, wildlife habitat, and cultural preservation priorities shared by many: state, county, and municipal agencies; nonprofit conservation organizations; and individual community members.